FOILING has always been the ‘go to’ finish for those exclusive jobs but only when there’s a ‘go to’ budget to match. Now, foiling will never be the same. Here at Weststar Digital Centre we are introducing an exciting new process DIGITAL METAL® from Kurz.

In this book we will show you that DIGITAL METAL® is more than just foil. Look through this book and you will find so many more ways to give your print that something special, even the job called for it, but the budget didn’t. TRADITIONALLY foiling has relied on making block to stamp the foil on to designated material. This is complicated, difficult process and somewhat restrictive, especially if a large idea needs to be foiled. With our new DIGITAL METAL® process we can cover area as large as you like (that’s because it’s digital!) Even better, without having to create a block, a whole page of foil costs no more than a little flourish of foil in your headline. But, as our creative department often point out, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Less is more (as they say).


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